Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Have you been looking for that perfect pancake? Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Toronto's Liberty Village may just be the answer. After hearing about their blueberry creations for a while, it was finally time to check them out. Besides the pancakes, the rest of the small brunch menu wasn't overly appealing. To start we tried the buttermilk biscuits and black currant scones. They were fine but would have been better warm. Xacuti used to bring out their scones piping hot, that was the best. The two egg dishes we ordered - frisee salad with fried egg, wild mushrooms and rosemary bacon, and poached eggs on croissant with smoked salmon and crispy oven roasted potatoes, weren't anything special. Plus one of the poached eggs was overcooked, and you know what that means in my book. But what was special were the pancakes, and those will be the first pictures I show. Big, fluffy, delicious, drenched in maple syrup, topped with blueberries and whipped cream, there isn't much more to say. Must try.


  1. I wuv the interior here. And their pastries are very well made. I like that you got up and got your lens in the kitchen!

  2. Oh my god that croissant w/ poached eggs looks amazing.


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