Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Oliver & Bonacini's latest creation has arrived in Toronto, and it's called Bannock.  Born just yesterday at Bay and Queen, inside the Hudson's Bay Company, the place is already buzzing, and the food is already good.  The Canadiana chic theme is weaved into the fun menu full of drool worthy dishes.  The boneless back rib burger sounded too good to be true (and kinda like the McRib).  I ate it more like an open faced sandwich but the meat was tender and perfectly sauced in maple mustard deliciousness.  Also pictured is the chicken pot pie and the sour cream donuts, a perfect way to end the meal, warm and very sweet.  
Spotted the fish tacos going by, it's on my list for next time.  The roast duck poutine pizza sounds intense.  The waitress pointed out the french fries are fried 3 times.   
At Bannock you can dine in or take out from their grab and go menu.  See you soon!     

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More from Langdon Hall

Believe it or not, we ate even more at Langdon Hall. Here are the rest of the photos from the two day food fest.

Breakfast -
Nova Scotia Lobster Ragout with wild mushrooms, leeks and poached eggs
Rye Whiskey French Toast

Lunch -
Cornmeal crusted perch
Shrimp quesadillas
Onion rings
Pork belly sandwich
Kale caesar salad
Beef cheek poutine
**Be sure to ask about their multiple lunch menus.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Langdon Hall Summer BBQ

For the second summer in a row, Langdon Hall hosts its Friday night outdoor BBQ dinners.  Last week's 'southern BBQ,' put on by Bonnie Stern and Mitchell Davis, judge of the Food Network's Best in Smoke, was a big hit.  The menu included: fried bread and butter pickles with beer mustard; skillet corn bread; angel biscuits; smoked whitefish pate; blue smoke deviled eggs; grilled water mellon; sweet pickle potato salad; stacked cornbread vegetable salsa salad; red cabbage slaw with peanuts; crispy spicy southern mustard cole slaw; 17th street tangy pit beans; iron skillet mac & cheese; bacon wrapped shrimp; fried oysters; smoked chicken wings; brisket; smoked portobello mushrooms; flank steak tacos with green tomato salsa; coal fired sweet potatoes; and grand world champion ribs.


On the delicious desserts table - pecan pie, apple nut cake, peanut butter pie, brown butter blueberry pie, and peach and bourbon hand pies.