Monday, October 11, 2010

GUU's Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom - peach liqueur, cassis liqueur, red wine and 7UP.

This drink is seriously so good. It's one of those drinks that doesn't taste like it has a drop of alcohol in it, which can be dangerous. GUU's drink list also consists of a section dedicated to vodka sodas (!!!) and original creations, where the Cherry Blossom can be found.

CHU-HIGH(Vodka Soda)
"NAMA Lemon Sawa" (Fresh Lemon+Vodka+Soda)
"NAMA Gra Sawa" (Fresh Grapefruit+Vodka+Soda)
"Ramune Sawa" (Guu Original Ramune+Vodka)
"Calpico Sawa" (Calpico+Vodka+Water)
"KYURI High" (Fresh Cucumber+Vodka+Water)
"Oolongh High" (Oolong Tea+ Vodka)

SAKE Mojito (Sake+Lime+Mint+GUU Original Ramune)
UME Mojito (UME-SHU+Rum+SHISO Leaf+Maplesyrup+Soda)
Bamboo (Melon Liqueur+White Wine+Lychee Juice+Soda)
Cherry Blossom (Peach Liqueur+Cassis Liqueur+Red Wine+7UP)
Lulu Melon (Vodka+Melon Liqueur+Guava Juice+Soda)
Macha Coco (Malibu+Macha+Milk+Whipping Cream)
Cassis Oolong (Cassis Liqueur+Peach Liqueur+Oolong Tea)
OTOKOMAE (SAKE+Tequila+Cointreau+Lemon Juice)
Three SAMURAI (3 kinds of sake shooters)

Which one do you want to try?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brunch at Fire on the East Side

Tucked away from the hustle, bustle and grit of Yonge Street, Fire on the East Side does truly feel like 'your neighbourhood restaurant.' Over the years, they've won over the neighbourhood by their creative menus (brunch & dinner), good food, and a great patio - so great in fact people still enjoy it well into the fall months (it's heated).

A warning about the brunch menu, there are so many appetizing sounding things on it, you will no doubt have a tough time deciding what to order. On this particular brunch excursion, the following two dishes were ordered - the toad in the hole - an over easy egg baked into brioche bread with mixed greens, cucumber, avocado salsa, feta, and the breakfast poutine - a poached egg on top of home fries, pulled pork, monterey jack, and chipotle hollandaise (both $11). Word had travelled that Fire had a breakfast poutine and I needed to try it, ASAP. When it was put down in front of me, it looked incredible, but I was a bit frightened for one main reason - it also looked terribly unhealthy. Katie tried to justify my worries - 'the egg is good for you, the pork is protein, the cheese and fries aren't terrible,' but it didn't help. However this sort of thing has never stopped me before, so for the sake of this blog and you, the followers (including big shout out to Kate and Brendan), I obviously ate it. And it was really good. The pork was incredibly juicy, the sauce was incredibly rich and the cheese incredibly gooey - all mixing together with the egg and fries for a ridiculous combination. I would recommend this more for a hangover cure, not when you're completely sober, because you'll feel too guilty.

A few side notes - they bring out banana bread before you order, cute. You have to use the washrooms downstairs in Fly nightclub, not cute. The restaurant should have its own washrooms! The service has always been great.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vegetables in Dirt

Carrots & radishes with hazelnut & rye 'dirt' on top of herb dip.

This photo is a recreation of a dish called Vegetables in Dirt at the restaurant Noma. Located in Copenhagen, Noma is currently the number 1 ranked restaurant in the world, by the S. Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurant list. It takes months to get a reservation at Noma, so if you're thinking about it, book way ahead. And if you do go, you better take pictures for me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brickworks Picnic '10

The brickworks picnic gets bigger and better every year. 2010 marked the first picnic in their massive new space. This meant more restaurants (good), more people and longer lines (bad). But with all the proceeds going back into Brickworks, and of course all the stunning food, we can deal with a few lines, right!?

Hands down the best thing there, and what everyone was talking about, was the pork belly with pork mayo and pork rind from Splendido.

There was definitely a pork theme going on. We also loved Cumbrae's pulled pork, The Stockyard's mini pork sandwiches and The Drake Hotel's apple bars.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Walking into Clafouti on a weekend morning to find most of their croissant bins turned over, is a disappointing feeling. But face it, you got there too late. So instead of sulking, there are two things you can do - one, go earlier, or two, choose something else. The second option really isn't that bad considering what they've got. Delicious sandwiches on fresh, tender baguettes (love the bocconcini, pesto, mayo and tomato sandwich), and a selection of sweet desserts. You really can't go wrong. The chocolate croissant however, is worth waking up early for, so try not to drink so much the night before. I also have to say this place is pretty damn adorable. It's definitely my favourite building on Queen Street West.

Clafouti is located at 915 Queen Street West, across from Trinity Bellwoods Park.