Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Crow

If you're wondering why there's an intoxicating BBQ smell wafting around Dupont and Davenport, you can blame Anthony Rose.  The chef and owner of Rose and Sons is behind one of this summer's most popular restaurant openings.  And when we say behind, we really mean it.

Set up in Rose and Sons backyard, Big Crow takes its inspiration from northern Ontario cottage country and Algonquin park.  The feasting happens at large communal wooden tables, the bar and prep areas are housed in portable shipping crates, and the grill is in full view at the back (where frequent freight trains rumble by).  It almost feels like camp for adults, if camp food tasted this good.

(Smoked mozzarella and roast garlic bread)  
(Steel head trout poke) 
(Crows sizzling bacon with ancho chili BBQ sauce) 
(Jerk chicken wings) 
(Porchetta sausage) 
(Versht with apricot glaze) 
(Baby back ribs, grilled corn salad, potato salad, pork and beans) 
(Potato salad) 
(Smores ice cream sandwich) 
(PB&J ice cream sandwich) 

Chef Rose intends to keep Big Crow open year round and tells us he has a plan "insulation, tarps, pot belly heaters, barn doors, blankets. Then the rest is up to you to keep warm." 
Our advice - make a reservation and go soon.  Or get your parka ready. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bakerbots Baking

This is the second summer in Toronto where the ice cream sandwich is the go to treat to cool off.  A lot of places are putting them out including Moo Milk Bar in the beaches,  Fika in Kensington Market and The Big Chill on College West (click here to see our review), but it's the decadent sandwiches at Bakerbots' that will really melt your heart.

What's different about Bakerbots is they leave the hard decisions in your hands.  Trying to choose which cookie/ice cream combo to create (you can get a half ($4) or full sandwich ($6.50) with two different kinds of ice cream and two different cookies) can make you sweat (at least it did for us).  The impressive list of homemade ice cream flavours just makes the situation worse.  Some of the flavours include - Sam James espresso, Bellwoods stout, burnt toffee, cinnamon toast, nocciola, London fog, malted sesame, lemon meringue, PB and grape jelly, banana pudding and dairy free raspberry and chocolate. Thankfully samples are welcomed.
There are a few different cookies to try - ginger molasses, captain peanut, chocolate, the everything, birthday and oatmeal.
What we recommend is start off with half a sandwich, take a seat on one of the benches outside, and after demolishing it off if you feel like you want another, just head back in and start all over again.

Bakerbots is open from Tuesday to Sunday.  They also sell pies, cupcakes, cakes and tarts.