Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best 15 Food & CO. Photos of 2011

Scrolling through the thousands of photos we took in 2011, to highlight just 10 for our last post of the year, was well, not an easy task.  We settled for 15.  From Israel to New York, pies to doughnuts, inside kitchens to outdoor markets, here's the best.  
Thank you for continuing to check out the blog and be sure to let us know in the comment section what your favourite photo is.   

Jamie Kennedy's son tossing those famous french fries on a Saturday morning at Brickworks market in Toronto.

The first ice cream truck 'swirl' of spring.  Always a good day.  

Grilled octopus at Luma restaurant in Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

Boy gazing at baked goods in the window of London's Ottolenghi.   

Time for a few shots after a bustling lunch at Machneyuda restaurant in Jerusalem. 

Fried chicken and biscuits never tasted this good.  You can try it for yourself at Andrew Carmellini's New York restaurant The Dutch

TBD dinner #2 at Poutini's restaurant in Toronto. 

Toronto restaurant Campagnolo's burrata and roasted grapes.  

Steaming bowls of mushroom soup at Tali Freedman's Jerusalem Machane Yehuda market cooking studio.  

Never a dull moment in the kitchen at Toronto's Woodlot restaurant.
Peels restaurant in New York turned out this ridiculous, melt in your mouth, dulce de leche banana doughnut.   

The Boulevard Raspail food market in Paris. 

Toronto restaurant Campagnolo's dark and stormy.  

Confit pork shoulder poutine at TBD dinner #2 at Poutini's in Toronto.

The best looking blueberry pie at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario. 

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Monday, December 26, 2011


Time for the photos from our visit to Cheesewerks - the second grilled cheese restaurant to open in Toronto this month.
Located at Bathurst and Wellington, we declare Cheesewerks the clear winner (vs. The Construction Site) when it comes to creativity and sandwich options.
Just looking at the menu can cause extreme mouthwatering and confusion because it's just so damn hard to figure out which one to eat.  Seen below are - the original (made with double smoked cheddar on cracked peppercorn sourdough), the Korea town (winning combo of gruyere and kimchi), the Los Angeles (havarti, smashed avocado, arugula, citrus compote), and our favourite - the Beijing (asiago, BBQ pork, hoisin, green onion on green onion potato bread).  Most of the items on the menu are named after places owner Kevin Durkee has traveled to and where he was inspired by the local flavours and ingredients.  He promises more sandwiches will be on the way, and Cheeseworks is also very open to substitutions including different cheeses, adding in bacon, or even changing the bread.  Not that we don't trust their combos but not having to feel bad about changing things around is always nice.  And yes, like The Construction Site and The Grilled Cheese, the sandwiches are expensive, but the difference is at Cheesewerks, it's worth it.  Note - they also have gluten free bread for those with the allergy.
Starting in the new year, Cheesewerks will be hosting events including their 'meet the maker' series which will introduce costumers to their cheese makers, a Golden Globe viewing party where they'll be serving 'red carpet grilled cheese, sweets and champagne', and even hosting a Super Bowl party with nachos and beer.  Oh, did we mention they serve wine and beer...  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Construction Site

The Construction Site is one of the two new grilled cheese restaurants that opened in Toronto this month.  Why all of a sudden this surge in greasy cheesy goodness? Not sure, but no complaints here.  We're just happy that The Grilled Cheese in Kensington is finally getting some much needed competition.
It's hard not to miss the entrance of The Construction Site with the huge cheese flags waving out front on Yonge Street.  The fairly large space occupies the former Druxys deli just south of Eglinton.  On the menu are 5 different grilled cheese options plus a daily special and a s'more sandwich.  Pictured in this post is the all day breakfast that's made with aged cheddar and an egg.  I added tomato but left out the bacon and asked for my egg to be fairly runny, which it was, so points there.  They also grill you the part that was cut out for the egg and call it the nibbler (in case you were wondering what that meant on the menu...I did).  To finish it off, the sandwiches are served with rosemary seasoned potato chips.  
What's interesting though and will keep the diehard cheezies coming back, is at the end of every month, the lowest selling sandwich gets bumped off the menu and is replaced by the best selling daily special.  You can take a look at their specials here.                

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The Italian chain opens on Queen West under the new condos across from The Drake.  Piola comes to us straight from Treviso, Italy where it was founded in 1986 and has since expanded to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Honduras and the US including New York and Miami.  Piola's 20+ pizzas are the main draw here.  They are thin crust of course and baked in a brick oven and the tricky part is deciding which one to order.  Unlike Libretto nearby, they do take reservations.  And a couple other cool things - on the 29th day of each month it's all you can eat gnocchi for $15, they'll serve afterwork 'aperitif drinks and pre-dinner snacks, and they've got some interesting chairs made of old t-shirts and jeans.  Not the most comfortable to sit in, but nice to look at. Try the tiramisu for dessert, it was the best out of the bunch.