For the Love of Cake

The hunt for Toronto's best cupcake begins right now!

I'd been hearing a lot about a new bakery in Liberty Village called For The Love of Cake. One Sunday after eating at Mildred's Temple Kitchen, I thought since I was close by, I'd pop in and see what all the hype was about, that is if I could find the place. The very small shop is tucked away in an almost deserted alleyway, hard to find if you don't know where you're going. I'm sure that will change once the rest of the stores are leased but for now, Cake is definitely a little lonely.

At first glimpse the dozens of colourful cupcakes on display look exciting. So many flavours and options to choose from. Then, after getting a closer look, the fascination fades. To be honest, they just looked like they weren't going to taste good. And unfortunately it was true. To each their own, some may like very buttery cream frosting but I usually don't, and couldn't even get through a whole one of these cupcakes. We tried a chocolate, carrot cake, and the maple bacon, interesting in theory but executed wrong. The icing on the carrot cake cupcake seemed a bit off as well. No need to waste calories here.

On to the next!


  1. Hello,

    I must say that though I only tasted For the Love of Cake's Maple Bacon cupcake, or should I say, Mancake?... I definitely would not go back to try any of the other cupcake flavours. You're right — the cupcakes seem interesting in theory, but I would be wary of their tastes and textures now.

    I, too, am always on the hunt for Toronto's best cupcake! So far, I can recommend Swirls Cupcakes — their Red Velvet Cupcake is awesome! I wouldn't recommend The Cupcake Shoppe — unless you're really into just plain Vanilla or plain Chocolate Cupcakes. Enjoy.

  2. I've seen this place as well, had a peek through the glass and kept on walking down the way. There didn't seem to be anything unique or authentic about it. Shame.


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