The Harbord Room

Pretty and pink, The Harbord Room is where my sister chose to celebrate her birthday. I was excited because I'd never been, heard rave reviews, and a night out with the parents meant a less expensive new blog post (very less expensive...thanks guys!). Since it was a special occasion we ordered a lot of food. Wait, who am I kidding, we always order a lot of food. To start and share we got the lamb shank soup, the seared scallops with cous cous, the chickpea farinata and arugula salad, the risotto with wild mushrooms, and the pan fried gnocchi with duck confit. Our favourite was definitely the risotto - rich, creamy and delicious. Mostly everything was consumed except for the cous cous under the scallops, didn't love it.

The burger was by far the best. The meat was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy, and it came with bacon on top. Also loved the homemade ketchup, always a nice touch. The non red meat eater at the table got the cod with mussels and enjoyed it.

Next, dessert. When you see homemade doughnuts on the menu, you order them. We got 3. The doughnuts are filled with lime curd and topped with blueberries and coconut ice cream. I was a bit disappointed but that's because of personal preference. I would have liked warm melted dark chocolate instead of the fruit.

After we all dove into the doughnuts, we realized we'd forgotten to sing happy birthday! To remedy the situation, the restaurant won big points for bringing out a candle in some bread and butter.


  1. when do i get to go out to dinner with you??

  2. the "non red meat eater" approves. Great photos

  3. i got the steak when i went last year for a birthday and it was delicious! totally regretted it though after having a bite of the burger that actually melted in my mouth..been trying to get back there ever since!


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