The Hoof Cafe

Holy Hoof!
The recently opened Hoof Cafe on Dundas West served up one of the best and most unique brunches I've had in a while. And just to be clear, this isn't your average hipster eggs and potatoes brunch. This is part of the Hoof family, sister to The Black Hoof - the intense and very popular charcuterie restaurant, that cooks up dishes like brains. So going in, I expected something different and decided to try it all, because if you're going to take a leap, The Hoof is the place to do it.

It's a Sunday at 1:00pm and it's busy inside. The wait, only about 20 minutes. They have a bar you can eat at too, if you want to jump the line a bit. We got a table right at the window. People watching on Dundas is...interesting and you can watch the Hoof staff run back and forth across the street to the other restaurant.

Time for the food.

Tongue grilled cheese. Melts in your mouth and you don't even think about what you're eating.

Brioche fresh toast with foie gras. We got the foie gras on the side. Delicious with it and without.

Suckling pig benny. Mmmm delicious tender pig and poached eggs. Perfect.

Hoof hash. Loved how perfectly round the eggs were. Pretty sure the meat was tongue. You're more aware you're eating it in this dish.

Rabbit and buckwheat pancakes. It was the only one we didn't love. The actual pancakes were tasty (they had blueberries in them) but wasn't so into the rabbit meat.

The Hoof Cafe - 923 Dundas St. West - 416.551.8854.
Debit and cash only.
Funniest thing on the menu - Add a bone $8.


  1. Ok amazing!

    I love what you mentioned about being "aware of the tongue" in the hash this is so true. BLAH

    And you are correct this place for many people is the most unique breakfast they will ever have...try selling tongue hash to my dad HA!

    my comments can be found here! WOO HOO!

    ps did you get a table? this place is the size of a closet i had to sit at the bar with my date!

  2. awesome post. I went here three weeks ago but for drinks instead of food. I'll have to head back for the brunch sometime.


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