Sunday, February 28, 2010


The best word to describe Weezie's is adorable. The small space on King St. just east of Parliament, adorable and so is its menu. Four of us went for an early dinner on a Saturday night for the 6pm seating. If you're going on a weekend it's probably a good idea to make a reservation. (416.777.9339)

All of us ordered the mac and cheese appetizer (I know, extremely original) and two of us got the steak frites and two of us got the burger. The mac and cheese was the perfect sized portion. I saw someone at the table beside us get a larger bowl, so if you're craving it as your main, looks like you can upgrade. Even though it lacked breadcrumbs, still one of the best I've had at a restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their meat and everyone really enjoyed their fries - thin, salty and just the right consistency. Nothing on the dessert menu sounded overly appealing and we were all way too full anyway. Definitely felt like I needed a workout after this one.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where Butch Meets Buttercream

Whoa is right! After reading this article in the Montreal Gazette titled 'Customers go wild for 'manly cupcakes'', and visiting the website of the bakery featured in the article, and drooling at my desk over the assortment of crazy flavoured cupcakes, I had to do a post. Just take a look at the menu (click it to view larger).

Which do you want? And better yet, can you get drunk from a cupcake!? The rum & coke and the driller - maple cake topped with crumbled bacon and loaded with milk chocolate ganache, sound ridiculous! Bacon on a cupcake, ya I'll try it! And of course the s'more lover in me wants to try the Campout.

Why oh why can only New Yorkers enjoy these treats!? The good news, well not for us Canadians, is they are expanding. Soon they'll open a storefront location, and the business which is only online right now, will eventually ship cupcakes across the U.S. I'm still hunting for the best cupcake in Toronto. Help me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alley Art

Got some great pics down an alley off of Queen Street, West of Spadina. Graffiti art always photographs well. The metal and wood, also really cool.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Drake Brunch

Enjoyed a relaxed and delicious brunch at The Drake Hotel last Sunday. The menu is fun and the food is always reliable, especially with chef Anthony Rose heading up the kitchen. There's three different spots you can eat - the very casual cafe, the bar area and the more formal dining room, so lots of options and space. We found ourselves eating in the dinning room with only a few other people, it was nice and quiet. At the table there were two orders of the lumberjack breakfast which includes - eggs, meat, hash browns, toast and pancakes. The breakfast burrito was amazing. Stuffed inside - eggs, potato, avocado, salsa and sausage. Oh and mimosas and caesars were ordered, making the brunch even more enjoyable.

P.S. shout outs to Rob and Dan, my delightful brunch companions.

Friday, February 19, 2010

BQM Baby

Lunch at BQM on Queen St. West just East of Spadina. Very small place. Only a couple tables for four people and a bunch for two, but they are so small there is hardly enough room. Waiting for my friend at the pint sized table (sorta cute but cramped), I asked if I could move to one of the bigger ones. The waitress said no. After we ordered and our food started to arrive, we sorta had to move - there wasn't enough room on the table! Lots of options on the menu. Lots of different types of poutine, burgers and other fun pub food. We tried out the basic burger, basic poutine and the mac & cheese. All good. Nice place for a quick and fairly inexpensive meal on Queen. They have all day breakfast too. For dessert they offered us a homemade chocolate pudding. My friend Sophie told me she didn't like pudding but I ordered it anyway. When it came to the table, it looked delicious and about three seconds later, it was devoured. She likes pudding now.

(Note: we ate everything but the healthy stuff)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brunch at One

Quick post on Brunch at One at The Hazleton Hotel. Eggs and potatoes are simple and delicious. Lemon pancakes are good too but was not feeling the chocolate brioche french toast. Maybe it's supposed to be, but I found it really bitter. The maple cream syrup didn't seem to help. The restaurant itself is a nice relaxed atmosphere. I've been to dinner there and it's better. A bit too pricey for brunch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

There's A First For Everything

Even I'm surprised by this post.

Over the years most of my friends could tell you, I haven't been the biggest 'cooking' enthusiast. Sure I love eating out, eating other people's food, and as you can see from reading this blog, taking pictures of food - but, cooking myself, wasn't so into it. Well, that seems to have changed. Over the last few months I've really started to like the idea of entertaining and making meals for friends. In fact very recently, I hosted my first dinner party where I cooked all the food myself! On the menu: Risotto (the most basic, because it was my first time cooking it on my own), a whole roast chicken with potatoes, carrots and cherry tomatoes and brownies for dessert. I snapped a few pictures because how I like to roast the chicken, is kinda the funniest thing ever. Ok, well if you have any type of sense of humour it's funny. If you're a vegetarian I understand why it's not.

See! Funny, right!? You stick the chicken on a standing up rack, put it in the oven at 375 for an hour and a bit and it's done! So simple and easy. You have to put about a cup of kosher salt under the chicken and you can scatter your veggies all around the pan. The cherry tomatoes go in for less time, about 45 minutes. I tend to check on everything, every 10 minutes. For some sick reason I like to watch the chicken sweat.

All in all everything went off without a hitch. No fires, no food poisoning, just a good time. I'd love to hear your first dinner party experiences. Share below!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

AME Cocktail Cooking School

The ultra stylish AME restaurant in downtown Toronto is now offering a fun cocktail cooking class, Monday through Wednesday after work, running for about an hour and a half. The class kicks off with a few of AME's talented and friendly mixologists, teaching you how to perfect a whiskey sour, including the use of an egg. We were a bit thrown off sitting down at the bar and seeing eggs in front of us. The egg whites are used in the drink to make it more frothy, I think ( I wasn't always the best listener in school). They mix up some other unique drinks for you to sample, even making up new ones on the spot. Working in pairs you create your own concoction, explain it to the class, and then a winning team is crowned. My partner and I invented a drink called the 'Shanghai Sunset.' To be honest I don't really remember everything we jammed in it. There was rum, mint, fresh grapefruit and a few other things. Ya, I know, sounds gross, but it actually wasn't that bad. We didn't win. During the class you also get to enjoy some signature dishes from AME, including mushroom tempura, salmon sashimi and some sushi. Good thing, otherwise I would have been a bit drunk! The class will run you $50. For more info email

(Whiskey Sour)
(Singapore Sunset)