Bonnie Stern's Bake Sale for Haiti

Even before the bake sale officially started at 10am Saturday morning, eager eaters made their way into the cooking school to get a good look at the goods. Chocolate, vanilla and carrot cupcakes, lemon squares, chocolate chip cookies, rich chocolate brownies - just a few of the delicious desserts up for sale, with all the money going to Doctors without Borders in Haiti. On top of this being a fundraiser, it was also the first time Bonnie's treats were on sale to the public. Finally!

By the first hour in and a line almost out the door, the stock was starting to dwindle. People were walking away with multiple boxes. Good thing 'while quantities last' was posted on the flyer, the end time was set for 5pm and there was no way quantities were going to last. And just after 1:30pm everything was gone and the staff had to start turning people away. But, not without a small gift for coming by - some mini chocolate chips. I went early, snapped some pics, and took home a box of 6 cupcakes for $19. I can feel good I donated to charity and feel even better stuffing my face. Wait, maybe that should be the other way around...


  1. I wanted a carrot cupcake, but they were all sold out! it's ok...the chocolate ones were fabulous!!! I couldn't stop with just the cupcake so also had a chocolate chip cookie and brownie which were both amazing! i think it's now time to lay off the baked goods...

  2. Those brownies look amazing.

  3. They were! you missed out Bryn

  4. Supporting Haiti AND yo' Mama's cupcakes!! I'm kicking myself I didn't make it.


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