Monday, February 20, 2012

Come and Get It!

It's only been open a few weeks and the place is already a hipster hotspot. It's hard not to miss the massive graffiti sign on Spadina, just north of Queen.  Inside there's tons of seating, a nintendo to play while waiting for your food and they make it known that if you're taking out, you'll be eating out of biodegradable containers.  Ordering is simple because it's all laid out for you on big chalk boards.  Step one - choose between a sandwich, salad or poutine.  Step two - choose between the chipotle beef short rib, Hawaiian pork belly, granny smith's chicken caesar or herbed crunchy green beans.
Pictured below is the short rib sandwich.  The meat was perfectly cooked, topped with sweet and sour coleslaw, crispy onions and ancho chili bbq sauce on a soft milk bun.  The salad version comes with spinach, arugula, roasted mushrooms, crispy onions, goat cheese and balsamic reduction.
Remember, go soon because the place is only temporary. With a condo development looming, who knows how long Come and Get It will be around.
Open lunch and dinner 11-9.  Late nights are apparently coming soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Port of Tel Aviv Food Market

Just north of Tel Aviv's spectacular beach boardwalk is the port - home to restaurants, cafes, shopping, and gelato.  The main draw though, is the bustling food market.  Inside building 12 you'll find a number of fresh fruit and vegetable stands and also booths dedicated to cheese, meat, fish, olive oil, chocolate, halva, wine, freshly squeezed fruit juice, the Lehamim bakery and even one for cookware.        
Other popular booths serve homemade pasta and smoked meat sandwiches and don't forget to stop by Sherry Herring's that specializes in open faced herring and salmon sandwiches.  There are 2 restaurants - a tapas bar and the Kitchen Market (more on those to come).
On Friday's, the market expands outside on both sides of building 12, with more venders selling everything from nuts and jams, to flowers and perfect challah for shabbat.