Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pizzeria Via Mercanti

If you think the newly opened Pizzeria Via Mercanti in Toronto's Kensington market is just like Libretto and Queen Margherita, it's not, but that's what makes it just as good. For one, two chefs from Margherita are behind this place, so it's pretty much guaranteed you'll get a delicious pizza. Then there's the understated interior, which makes you feel like you're eating inside someone's house.  Throw in some great service from a waiter with a thick Italian accent and you really do feel like you're getting a home cooked meal.
Order the bocconcini di pizza to start. These little bites are stuffed with ricotta, fior di latte and prosciutto.  Lots of pizza options to choose from and pastas too.               

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cafe Belong @ Brickworks

For a nice brunch outside the downtown core, hop in the car, or on the TTC, and head to Brickworks. Yes, the food booths like Chez Vous are great for a quick bite, but Cafe Belong is a nice place to sit, relax and people watch.  Brickworks these days draws a pretty diverse crowd including families with babies and dogs, to hipsters in plaid.  
The sausage roll in gravy with two fried eggs, was the favourite at the table.  The pancakes were slightly intense, huge and fluffy.  The scone with butter and jam, came to the table warm, which was very much appreciated.      
The cafe is also open for dinner. 
Hours - Monday to Friday - 12 to 10 and Sat/Sun - 11 to 10.   


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opening Soon

The former beloved dim sum restaurant Cha Liu, which closed its doors at Yonge and Eglinton last year, will open in April under the new name Chalau, at a new location at 476 Yonge street just North of College.  Let the celebrations begin.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's not a big surprise to us at all why Campagnolo is one of Toronto's best restaurants.  The location, the space, the service, the roasted grapes and burrata, the outstanding homemade pastas, the crazy good salted caramel budino - it all adds up.  Make a reservation and go today.  

The dishes photographed below - fresh burrata cheese with roasted grapes and toasted bread, braised shortrib bitterballen with horseradish mustard, house-made spaghetti carbonara, roasted sweet potato agnolotti with smoked scamorza and kale, veal schnitzel with sauerkraut and spicy potato and cucumber salad, and the salted caramel budino. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tel Aviv's Lehamim Bakery

Lehamim has a few locations in Tel Aviv including the port and carmel food markets, but it's their very busy flagship bakery and restaurant on Ha'hashmona'im street that is not to be missed.  Owner Uri Scheft integrates his Danish background influences into his breads and pastries, leaving you speechless.  Take a look.