The House on Parliament

Had dinner last week at The House on Parliament in Cabbagetown with my friend Jeff, who swears by it. Jeff swears by this low key pub so much, he's tried every single thing on the menu. I was impressed. His favourite - the veggie burger. I got the sweet potato fries and he got the spinach salad. It was my first time having a veggie burger, so I was excited and a bit nervous too. What if I didn't like it and it's Jeff's favourite. The pressure was on!

The drinks came to the table and we quickly realized they were the colours of Canada (sort of). Since we had just won hockey gold, I felt it was necessary to take a picture. The veggie burger was good but I sorta of missed the juicy tenderness of beef. Loved the hummus that came on top though and the fries were pretty much perfect. Other dishes on the menu that sounded interesting - the pulled pork sandwich and the steak pot pie. I haven't spent much time in Cabbagetown but realized it's totally cute. Definitely planning on exploring the area with my camera soon.


  1. BRB... have to wipe the drool up off my shirt. MMMM!!

    Remember how my salad was going everywhere but my mouth? That's how excited I get about House.


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