Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sprinkles ATM

Cupcake enthusiasts listen up - there's a new way to feed your addiction, at all hours.  One of Los Angeles' most popular cupcake shops Sprinkles has installed an ATM, but it's not the kind that dispenses cash, it's cupcakes.  For $3, late night dessert seekers can chose from a large variety of the stores famous flavours, including - vegan red velvet, German chocolate, banana, and many more.  The ATM is such a hit there are lines in the middle of the night.

The ATM not only serves a purpose when the store is closed, but also during regular business hours.  If there's a line inside and you're only looking for a quick fix, hit up the handy machine.  If you need more than one though, not the best idea. One swipe of your credit card can only buy you one cupcake.  Buying a dozen that way can take a while.

It's not just the Beverly Hills location that houses this genius invention, you can also find one outside the Chicago bakery on East Walton Street.

And Sprinkles innovation doesn't stop there.  Next door to the Beverly Hills store they've opened an ice cream shop, serving cupcake top ice cream sandwiches and red velvet ice cream cones.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah signifies the beginning of a new year on the Jewish calendar, and for a lot of people it's also a time to come together with family and friends, and celebrate with a big and bountiful dinner.

Here's a look inside my families 2012 'Rosh.'

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Queen West Art Crawl

It wasn't just about the art at the Queen West Art Crawl over the weekend.  Some of Toronto's finest food trucks lined the street, while restaurants like The Country General set up shop in Trinity Bellwoods Park and served pork tacos.  And we can't forget about the fun flavoured ice pops by The Pop Stand like peach bourbon iced tea and Guinness gingerbread.  

The Get Stuft food truck that sells gourmet sausage rolls, caught our eye, we even (but not surprisingly) went back for seconds.  Choose between 6 different sausages including - thai chicken, portobello horseradish beef, spinach/feta lamb or beef, creole turducken, apricot minted lamb, or pineapple minted pork.  Then choose a sauce - smoked gouda, wasabi honey dijon mustard, sweet chipotle BBQ, or creamy chimichurri.  Our first roll was the creole turducken sausage (mix of turkey, duck and chicken meat) with the wasabi honey dijon.  Our second was the minted lamb with the chimichurri.  Both combinations worked well together.  If you want to get 'Stuft' click here to follow their twitter page.    

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Along Toronto's Queen Street a new batch of doughnut shops have made their territories clear.  On the East side there's Paulette's.  On the West side - Glory Hole.  But what's different about this food fight is there's no real winner.  It's all about personal preference.  If you like cakey, deliciously dense, and heavily iced d-nuts, then head to Paulette's. If you love light, fluffy, and fried yeast dough, Glory Hole is your best bet. And yes, it's ok to giggle at the name.

On our first visit to GH, only about a week after the opening of their Parkdale storefront, this was the sad scene.

We were quickly informed by the lady doughnut clerk that all the flavours would be coming out in about an hour, and to watch their twitter (we also learn that she lives in the Junction, walks to work instead of biking, and jumped at the chance to work in a doughnut shop).

If you find yourself in the same situation as we did, the best place to wait it out is at the Pinball Cafe, one block West. Shoot a couple rounds of pinball in the back or grab a coffee, and play one of their old school games like Kerplunk or Jenga.

Fast forward an hour and we're back at Glory Hole HQ, and still nada.  A line has now formed and strangers are becoming friends discussing which flavours they are excited to try.  Eventually the doughnuts emerge tray by tray in all their glory. The very last one filled with lemon meringue and banana cream was by far the best.  We also devoured the maple, pretzel (small pretzel bits with chocolate icing), and the Elvis (peanut butter with banana chips, bacon and not enough marshmallow).  The cookies and cream was the only one not really worth the wait.

Tell us below what your favourite doughnuts are.