Goed Eten

After seeing this photo in Toronto Life, Goed Eten went to the top of my list. I can't say that the very casual Ossington & Dundas sandwich/waffle shop disappointed, because everything tasted great, but, I didn't get served a waffle that looked like the one in the magazine. I do also understand food styling, so let's move on.

We tried out Eten's waffle pressed cheese sandwiches, each $5 - peameal bacon and egg and the roasted pepper olive and tomato. Then it was onto one of their Brussels' style waffles with chocolate ice cream and banana. We inhaled it. The menu is sprinkled with other random things (guinness beef stew poutine, cheese croquettes, meatballs, burgers) that sound interesting and worth another trip back. Will keep you posted. Cash only.


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