Drake BBQ

What once was the summer's Drake ice cream parlour is now the fall's Drake BBQ. Of course Drake Hotel master chef Anthony Rose is behind the switch up, and of course he delivers. It's a simple menu, but the three options (pulled pork sandwich, chopped beef brisket, and 60/60 - half pork/half brisket) sound so good, it's hard to choose. For me, the most logical was the 60/60, (the helpful dude at the cash explained you get 120% meat) best of both worlds. The sandwiches come topped with coleslaw, but it's worth ordering a side or getting a combo with more because it's so so good. The meat itself is perfect, tender and extremely flavourful. I was also tempted to get a second, but sigh, I ran out of cash (it's cash only). A few other things - seating is minimal, the decor screams the Drake (a good thing), and it's open late (also good). And if you're craving something sweet after your sandwich, or sandwiches, don't miss out on the whoopie pies! Who doesn't love a good whoopie pie? Am I right!?


  1. That whoopie pie is making me go whoopie. I. want. now.


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