Brunch @ Union

You gotta love when a plate of perfect, fluffy pancakes come to your table, even before you've ordered. Now most of us head into Saturday or Sunday brunch hungry/hung over, so, thank you Union.

Found on the Ossington strip between Queen and Dundas, walking into the restaurant and being greeted by the smiling head chef himself, Teo Paul, is a nice, warm feeling. Then come the pancakes, and then the rest of the food. The menu, and its dishes, are all made up locally produced food, something Union prides itself on - even the tab for the website reads 'Union 72 - EAT LOCAL.' And in the spirit of eating local, 4 dishes were ordered including - eggs with haddock on top of a shrimp pancake, pork and eggs, beef hash and eggs, and challah french toast with cheese and a fruit compote. The french toast was my favourite, crispy on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside, best combo. All three egg dishes were good too, enjoyed the pulled pork one best. We asked for at least one of them to be poached and all three came like that, which didn't bother me. I believe the eggs usually come fried or sunny side up.

On a side note - the service is wonderful, AND was disappointed my favourite firecracker waitress Marissa wasn't around. Hopefully next time!


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