The Burger's Priest

Finally made it to the raved about Burger's Priest on Queen Street East. One of the newest contenders in Toronto's bustling burger scene, it's well worth the trip to the east side. The space is tiny with only a few seats. Because of that, winter time could be tough for them, but with such delicious burgers, the cold won't stop people from making it out. Their speciality is 'the priest' - a deep fried mushroom stuffed with cheese on top of a cheeseburger patty. I stuck with the regular cheeseburger, but would recommend getting a double. As soon as I finished the single, I wanted another. Cash only.


  1. Wow, this looks fantastic. A friend of mine was just telling me about this place, and raved about "the Priest." I definitely have to make my way out to the east end.


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