The Construction Site

The Construction Site is one of the two new grilled cheese restaurants that opened in Toronto this month.  Why all of a sudden this surge in greasy cheesy goodness? Not sure, but no complaints here.  We're just happy that The Grilled Cheese in Kensington is finally getting some much needed competition.
It's hard not to miss the entrance of The Construction Site with the huge cheese flags waving out front on Yonge Street.  The fairly large space occupies the former Druxys deli just south of Eglinton.  On the menu are 5 different grilled cheese options plus a daily special and a s'more sandwich.  Pictured in this post is the all day breakfast that's made with aged cheddar and an egg.  I added tomato but left out the bacon and asked for my egg to be fairly runny, which it was, so points there.  They also grill you the part that was cut out for the egg and call it the nibbler (in case you were wondering what that meant on the menu...I did).  To finish it off, the sandwiches are served with rosemary seasoned potato chips.  
What's interesting though and will keep the diehard cheezies coming back, is at the end of every month, the lowest selling sandwich gets bumped off the menu and is replaced by the best selling daily special.  You can take a look at their specials here.                


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