Time for the photos from our visit to Cheesewerks - the second grilled cheese restaurant to open in Toronto this month.
Located at Bathurst and Wellington, we declare Cheesewerks the clear winner (vs. The Construction Site) when it comes to creativity and sandwich options.
Just looking at the menu can cause extreme mouthwatering and confusion because it's just so damn hard to figure out which one to eat.  Seen below are - the original (made with double smoked cheddar on cracked peppercorn sourdough), the Korea town (winning combo of gruyere and kimchi), the Los Angeles (havarti, smashed avocado, arugula, citrus compote), and our favourite - the Beijing (asiago, BBQ pork, hoisin, green onion on green onion potato bread).  Most of the items on the menu are named after places owner Kevin Durkee has traveled to and where he was inspired by the local flavours and ingredients.  He promises more sandwiches will be on the way, and Cheeseworks is also very open to substitutions including different cheeses, adding in bacon, or even changing the bread.  Not that we don't trust their combos but not having to feel bad about changing things around is always nice.  And yes, like The Construction Site and The Grilled Cheese, the sandwiches are expensive, but the difference is at Cheesewerks, it's worth it.  Note - they also have gluten free bread for those with the allergy.
Starting in the new year, Cheesewerks will be hosting events including their 'meet the maker' series which will introduce costumers to their cheese makers, a Golden Globe viewing party where they'll be serving 'red carpet grilled cheese, sweets and champagne', and even hosting a Super Bowl party with nachos and beer.  Oh, did we mention they serve wine and beer...  


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