Grand Electric

Toronto has found its best new tacos and they're at Grand Electric.  They're the perfect size, perfect filling, perfect topping, pretty much perfect everything.  Order individual tacos for 3 bucks a pop, mix and match, be sure to get a taste of each one.  The baja fish is the taco not to be missed.  The lightly battered fish doesn't feel too heavy or greasy.  The juicy beef cheek came in second, followed by the sweet pork belly and spicy chicken.  Order the guacamole and fresh tortilla chips to start and a round of the grand electric bourbon sours.  They also have an extensive bourbon menu to watch out for.  
Word has spread about this place so if you don't like waiting, go at 6 when they open or later at night.  And if you are waiting for a table, there's always the Parkdale public library...



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