The Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't love the thought of a restaurant dedicated solely to making grilled cheese sandwiches!? It's one of the most delicious and simple comfort foods around. So after wanting to check out The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market forever, one rainy summer Sunday, the time finally came. What we found was - a cute cabin like space, a fun menu with tons of grilled cheese options and sandwiches that hit the spot (gooey and tender). But there were also some problems - the price point, too high. Paying $9 dollars was too much. Also, yes it was a Sunday and busy, but waiting almost half an hour, way too long. When my friend Evan saw a bag of ruffles potato chips come out, he was bewildered why they don't make their own homemade chips. And last but not least, a tip for the workers there, smile (I know you're a hipster but come on!).

The Grilled Cheese, 66 Nassau Street.


  1. from the pictures, it looks like the woman I most often see working there was off that day. Which is a shame because my grilled cheese supercrush on her makes the whole experience even better.

  2. i love grilled cheese especially the ones that are made with the sandwich press that makes two triangles. $9 bucks for a grilled cheese? did it come with a pint of beer?


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