The Italian chain opens on Queen West under the new condos across from The Drake.  Piola comes to us straight from Treviso, Italy where it was founded in 1986 and has since expanded to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Honduras and the US including New York and Miami.  Piola's 20+ pizzas are the main draw here.  They are thin crust of course and baked in a brick oven and the tricky part is deciding which one to order.  Unlike Libretto nearby, they do take reservations.  And a couple other cool things - on the 29th day of each month it's all you can eat gnocchi for $15, they'll serve afterwork 'aperitif drinks and pre-dinner snacks, and they've got some interesting chairs made of old t-shirts and jeans.  Not the most comfortable to sit in, but nice to look at. Try the tiramisu for dessert, it was the best out of the bunch.             


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