Dynasty Dim Sum

Weekend dim sum doesn't get much better than this.  Dynasty, the midtown staple, which recently relocated from Bloor Street to Yorkville (close to Bay), serves up all the usual mouth watering dishes including - BBQ pork buns, har gow (shrimp dumplings), steamed scallop dumplings, sticky rice, plus so much more. Be safe and make a reservation.   


  1. went here on boxing day and it was ansolutely packed! glad we made a reservation as you suggested.
    we ordered a few dim sum dishes and a cantonese chow mein. there were only 2 of us but the chow mein could have fed four, it was huge (and so good).
    we loved the food, and the atmosphere - great service too (plus the bill was much more reasonable than i imagined).
    thanks for the recommendation - we'll be going back soon for a dim sum fix!


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