The Keg

The Keg's been around for a while. They know what they're doing and know how to cook a good steak. They also know how to keep patrons happy with baskets of warm bread and cheesy appetizers and sides - like the garlic baked shrimp and chipotle mac & cheese. I checked out one of their newer locations at York and Adelaide, which was so spacious and luxurious, I felt like I was in a New York hotel (plus, the finical district always makes me feel like I'm in New York).

We enjoyed everything and although I wanted a filet and also a huge a** lobster, I settled for a sirloin with lobster on top. Definitely not enough lobster for my liking but, it was satisfying for the reasonable price of $23.00. With locations scattered across Toronto including a fairly new one at Yonge and Eglinton and of course the 'haunted' keg mansion on Jarvis, there's sure to be one nearby when you're craving some beef.


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