DB Bistro Moderne

Dining at DB Bistro in Vancouver last month, I learned a valuable lesson: if you're not exactly sure what something is, ask before ordering.

Dragging a few work friends to the Canadian outpost of famed New York chef Daniel Boulud's bistro, I made a slight mistake. After reading 'duck pate en croute' (???) I envisioned a rich pate spread on a crispy piece of bread - sort of like this one at Local Kitchen in Toronto. I was wrong. It was actually this...

And I was not feeling it. What I learned after is that chef Boulud is famous for his terrines and that people adore them. Sadly, I'm not one. It wasn't entirely inedible, in fact I ate the whole thing. I was too embarrassed not to, especially with my work peeps watching me go into foodie mode. The part that was actually the duck pate was the best, obviously.

For my main I ordered the famous burger stuffed with braised short ribs. Intense. And so big, I couldn't eat it with my hands. It had to be cut up.

They also have the piggy burger with pulled pork on top. I tried that last November in New York. A little less intense, yet intense enough to brag about ordering it. Worth checking out if you're in Vancouver but the location may not be ideal as it's not right downtown.


  1. but but but but but but....that terrine looks delicious! Not that the duck liver pate you had at Local Kitchen doesn't look scrumptious, but I think you may be the first person who prefers the liver based duck pate as an alternative to the duck breast + pork French style. Who doesn't like puff pastry?
    That burger looks great but it is just toooo big.


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