Reposado, Libretto & Delux - An Ossington night out.

Follow this formula for a relaxed and scrumptious night out on Ossington Avenue.
Check in at Pizza Libretto and put down your name and phone number. There will likely be a forty five minute to an hour wait.

Head across the street to Reposado Tequila Bar and hit their outdoor patio in the back. Order a few fun cocktails, if you're starving get something on their small tapas menu, and just chill until you get the call from Libretto.

And when the time comes, if you're in the middle of a drink, down it immediately, and head back across the street.

Libretto's menu comes peppered with some antipasto dishes like their daily bruschetta, buttermilk calamari, and warm, mixed, marinated olives, but the real draw is obviously the pizza. The Ontario prosciutto is pretty much perfection with the saltiness of the meat, cheese and tomato sauce all combining together. Of course all of their combos work well and it's usually difficult to make a decision.

After polishing off your pizzas, it's time for something sweet. Cross the street and head south to Delux. Settle into one of their big comfortable booths and ask for their baked to order chocolate chip cookies (glass of milk optional). There's no need to think. Also, the buttermilk doughnuts are a treat too. Kinda like gourmet tim bits.

Finally, go home, because you're so full and need to digest. Or if you like to party, stay on the strip and party all night.


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