Brickworks - ready, set, eat!

Filled with dogs and children, and people buying their locally grown produce, Brickworks farmers market is probably one of the busiest places on an early Saturday morning in Toronto. But there's much more to enjoy than just that. There are at least a dozen proprietors, cooking up tasty food and selling it to the hungry market going masses. One of those people doing the feeding is Ezra Title, owner of Chezvous Dining. His recent return to Brickworks, after leaving for Wychwood, is being celebrated by everyone who missed those fresh egg sandwiches. And now they're back and delicious as ever. Pictured below, you'll find the scrambled egg sandwich with toscano cheese, maple smoked bacon, and wild leek pesto. Also snapped, the very enjoyable grilled cheese sandwich with grey owl cheese, caramelized onions and you guessed it...maple smoked bacon! And if the sandwiches aren't your thing, they also offer granola, so go nuts.

Meanwhile around the corner, there's a wafting of fried goodness. And it's something you need to eat. It's Jamie Kennedy's famous french fries. His son cooks them up, cones them, and hands them over for a small fee. For a while Susur Lee's son ran a booth, making his pop's famous singapore slaw. There was no sign of him this time, but hopefully he'll be back. The combo of the fries and slaw was pretty much the best thing ever.


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