Barcelona - a few things.

Tapas 24
Just north of Barcelona's main artery - Placa de Catalunya - is Tapas 24. A lineup can usually be found outside, as downstairs, the friendly staff serve the rich and delicious plates, in the packed colourful basement. Last summer when I was visiting Barcelona with a friend, it was so good, we went twice. The best thing on the menu is called the McFoie burger - a tapas take on America's current obsession. Tapas 24 can also be credited as the place where my love of croquettes bloomed. I mean who doesn't love mashed potatoes - battered and fried.


(McFoie Burger)

Also checkout Inopia - Gwyneth Paltrow's fav spot. It's supposed to be incredible, but sadly it was closed the night we went.

You'll notice Iberian ham (similar to prosciutto) on many menus as well as paella, seen in the photo below. After walking down the rambla and along the beach, this dish definitely hit the spot.

La Boqueria
This food market can be found right off the rambla, and be prepared because it's packed. But fun for people watching, taking pics and buying a snack.

Like in any city you visit, there are so many areas to check out. But sometimes, you find your favourite place when you least expect it. On my last day in Barcelona, exploring the El Raval district, I stumbled upon the contemporary art museum. Although it was too late to go inside, skateboarders had taken over the entire entrance. Crowds of people sat and watched, drinking beer, and I snapped some photos.


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