Bonjour Brioche

Found on countless Toronto best brunch lists, and raved about by many, it was time to check out Bonjour Brioche. Also hearing the place always has a line for weekend brunch, I asked my friend to meet earlier than usual on Sunday, at the ungodly hour of 10:30am (sorry pal, but it had to be). Arriving just before that time, the small restaurant and outdoor patio were already pretty packed. There were a couple seats still up for grabs, and as soon as we sat down, the other empties filled, and immediately a line formed. Yaaaaaa good timing!

I had already checked out the menu online prior, to see if my gluten intolerant friend would have anything to eat. They had multiple egg dishes, so it was safe. And I spotted what I wanted - the croque madam - toasted brioche layered with ham and gruyere and topped with a fried egg. Whoa! On a weekend of already not great eating, I was a tad scared. Luckily, it wasn't as overwhelming as it sounded. It was actually sized perfectly, and every part of it was so good. The cheese, the ham, the egg and the bread (obviously, with Bonjour being a bakery) - all perfection. It came with a large side salad and bread and butter. Also the chocolate croissant - flakey and so fresh. Are we in Paris!? I wish, but close!

Brunch was extremely reasonable but FYI - they only take cash. A tray of tarts were brought out at the end for dessert, but there was no way. Far too full, in a good way.


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