Mother's Dumplings

Mother's Dumplings, located on Spadina just south of College, is a fun concept, but the follow through doesn't exactly deliver. The best things on the menu, aren't even the dumplings themselves. The steamed buns (massive) and pancakes (green onion, pictured below) hit the spot, but what you come for - dumplings - aren't anything special. The pork and radish corn flour dumpling was too heavy, meanwhile the shrimp, egg and chive was better, but still wasn't anything to write home about. To be fair, I've been to cha liu (my favourite dim sum restaurant) so many times, I'm probably just accustomed to theirs.

I can definitely see the appeal of Mother's Dumplings though and how it could be a great time with a large group of people. A few things to note - the kitchen is wide open in the middle of the restaurant, which is always cool, and they have a little forest in the middle of the back seating area. Kinda funny. Also, they only take cash.


  1. LOL at the forest. I love the paparazzi shots of the kitchen.

  2. I love dumplings... i got to go. Thanks!

  3. nonsense it sounds like you are not connected with the true soul of dumplings. Maybe only by relative comparison to other dumpling shops does the greatness of mother's dumpling become evident. You should be punished by going back and eating dozens of dumplings over several hours.


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