Taco Hell at OddFellows

All you can eat tacos? YES PLEASE!
Sunday nights at OddFellows, located at the corner of Queen St. West and Shaw, turns into taco hell. Running through the summer, taco time starts at 7pm, but arrive a bit early if you want a spot at the communal table. If there aren't any seats left inside, or on the patio, you can even hit the bench on the sidewalk. Things are pretty casual at OddFellows, and that's the best part.

After they set up, buy your plate at the bar - $15, and hit the taco table. Make as many as you can fit on your plate, and then go back for seconds, thirds and if you can stomach more, well, you're my hero. There was an assortment of fillings and toppings - cheese, guacamole, lime, lettuce, beans, ground beef, pork, salsas, sour cream, peppers, and more. I found the pork too spicy, so I stuck with the ground beef. My friend Dave who doesn't eat meat, enjoyed his tacos just fine without it. He loaded his up with extra beans. Toot.

And if you're weary about sitting at a communal table, don't be, it's fun. You make new friends, and can compare taco making skills. As you'll see in the photo below, my skills, not so much.

You can rent this winnebago (in the back of OddFellows) for private parties. Perfect for the summer.


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