Sweet Bliss Baking Company

Sweet Bliss Baking Company on Queen Street East was next on my cupcake list. Inside, I was surprised to see the cupcakes kept in a fridge off to the side, rather than front and centre like they're usually displayed. Maybe it keeps them more fresh?
Choosing a carrot, red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate, the amount of icing dolloped on was just about right, and I was happy it was the sugary kind (butter cream, ick). Trying them out right away, I wasn't so into them cold. But after waiting an hour or so and letting them thaw, they were much better - so if you can wait, wait. I liked the chocolate one best.


  1. That frosting looks so yummmy!!

  2. i love their rusticity!
    i keep cupcakes in the freezer they can store for up to 3 months that way...when you take them up to thaw they taste grand!

    hot tip


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