Walking into Sprinkles is overwhelming. It's busy and there are 20+ flavours of cupcakes to choose from. This was my first time there, so it was hard to make decisions. I narrowed it down to vanilla, mexican chocolate, red velvet, vegan red velvet (for Audra), banana and coconut. They were all delicious - especially banana and red velvet, almost just as good as my favourite cupcake place in New York - Billy's. Toronto bakeries need to take note of the icing to cake ratio, which was pretty much perfect. Sprinkles also sells icing shots, which I had to try. Mmmmm icing.

They even have mini cupcakes for dogs!


  1. the vegan one is ridiculously good. uses coconut oil.

  2. Coconut oil is da bomb!

    I'm hoping a plane. I need to try that cupcake.


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