The best word to describe Weezie's is adorable. The small space on King St. just east of Parliament, adorable and so is its menu. Four of us went for an early dinner on a Saturday night for the 6pm seating. If you're going on a weekend it's probably a good idea to make a reservation. (416.777.9339)

All of us ordered the mac and cheese appetizer (I know, extremely original) and two of us got the steak frites and two of us got the burger. The mac and cheese was the perfect sized portion. I saw someone at the table beside us get a larger bowl, so if you're craving it as your main, looks like you can upgrade. Even though it lacked breadcrumbs, still one of the best I've had at a restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their meat and everyone really enjoyed their fries - thin, salty and just the right consistency. Nothing on the dessert menu sounded overly appealing and we were all way too full anyway. Definitely felt like I needed a workout after this one.


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