AME Cocktail Cooking School

The ultra stylish AME restaurant in downtown Toronto is now offering a fun cocktail cooking class, Monday through Wednesday after work, running for about an hour and a half. The class kicks off with a few of AME's talented and friendly mixologists, teaching you how to perfect a whiskey sour, including the use of an egg. We were a bit thrown off sitting down at the bar and seeing eggs in front of us. The egg whites are used in the drink to make it more frothy, I think ( I wasn't always the best listener in school). They mix up some other unique drinks for you to sample, even making up new ones on the spot. Working in pairs you create your own concoction, explain it to the class, and then a winning team is crowned. My partner and I invented a drink called the 'Shanghai Sunset.' To be honest I don't really remember everything we jammed in it. There was rum, mint, fresh grapefruit and a few other things. Ya, I know, sounds gross, but it actually wasn't that bad. We didn't win. During the class you also get to enjoy some signature dishes from AME, including mushroom tempura, salmon sashimi and some sushi. Good thing, otherwise I would have been a bit drunk! The class will run you $50. For more info email

(Whiskey Sour)
(Singapore Sunset)


  1. This sounds really cool. And your Singapore Sunset actually sounds quite tasty. Will have to check this out.


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