Lady Marmalade

Brunched on Queen East this past weekend at Lady Marmalade, a restaurant that prides itself on fresh and organic food. Cute place but a little disappointing. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, we sat down to learn they were sold out of the french toast bread pudding. Should have gone earlier. Ordered the poached egg BLT with avocado instead of bacon. The yolk was almost fully cooked. Also ordered was the organic tofu scramble, a tad on the salty side, and the Lady Marmalade bennie with brie, avocado and bacon. The service was great, but note, they only take cash.

poached egg BLT

Organic Tofu Scramble

Lady Marmalade bennie with brie, avocado and bacon


  1. Love this place! Some of the best bennies in the city :)
    Also love James Fowler's art that adorns the walls (check out!
    There's ALWAYS a line, so go early!

  2. I will give her another chance but lay off the salt and stock up on the puddin' lady!


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