Starving Artist Bar

Waffle lovers unite. There's a new restaurant just for you and it's called Starving Artist Bar. Open less than a year, Artist has built up quite an impressive following, and not just in its Lansdowne and Bloor neighbourhood. People line up from all over Toronto to enjoy, well, the waffles. There's the waffled bacon (batter cooked around strips of bacon), which we ordered as a starter and dipped in maple syrup. There's eggs on waffles, scrambled or poached, on regular waffles or potato waffles (potato shaped in the waffle machine). And then there's dessert waffles, mmmmmm the waffle smore, right up my alley.

My brunching companion and I decided to try out the bennys on both the regular waffles and potato waffles, we'd switch half way. We also tried out two different sides, beans and potato salad. Needless to say, you get a lot of food on your plate, including salad. Both versions of the benny were good, but we seemed to enjoy the potato over the regular waffle. I think a sweet association is usually tied with waffles, so we were a bit thrown off. One other cool thing about Starving Artist Bar is that they display local artists work, commission free.

By the way, I use the word waffle 20 times in this post! A tad annoying and repetitive, I apologize.

Waffled Bacon

Breakfast Waffle (Potato Waffle)

Waffle Benny (Regular Waffle)


  1. I've eaten there before and it's fantastic!! Yum yum yum. I need to go back there this weekend.

  2. In the evenings there is Great live music as well.

  3. Their gluten-free waffles are hefty and heavenly. Very Cool. Paying 1 dollar for 16 blue berries. Not Cool.


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