The Drake Brunch

Enjoyed a relaxed and delicious brunch at The Drake Hotel last Sunday. The menu is fun and the food is always reliable, especially with chef Anthony Rose heading up the kitchen. There's three different spots you can eat - the very casual cafe, the bar area and the more formal dining room, so lots of options and space. We found ourselves eating in the dinning room with only a few other people, it was nice and quiet. At the table there were two orders of the lumberjack breakfast which includes - eggs, meat, hash browns, toast and pancakes. The breakfast burrito was amazing. Stuffed inside - eggs, potato, avocado, salsa and sausage. Oh and mimosas and caesars were ordered, making the brunch even more enjoyable.

P.S. shout outs to Rob and Dan, my delightful brunch companions.


  1. I gots me a shout out on Foood and Co!

    Autographs available upon request.


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