Pasta, pasta and more pasta at Giancarlo on Clinton at College.  My desk buddy Sasha raves and raves and raves about this place, to everyone, and convinced me it needed to appear on this blog.  And it lived up to the hype, for a few reasons.  The staff is friendly, the room is homey and the most exciting thing, you can get 2 different pastas on your plate.  The waiter did however mention that they don't always allow it, mostly on busy weekends.  

We started with the basic bruschetta, which to be honest I found a little too basic, and would have preferred it with tomatoes.  Next, to the pastas!  Sasha said the limone dish was a must try. Parmesan, butter, lemon and cream, what's not to like!? Yes it's heavy but worth it.  We also tried the bolognese veal ragu and the lobster gnocchi with leek pesto cream.  The pairing of the creamy gnocchi and the creamy lemon pasta was way too intense, but the ragu and lemon combo worked much better.  Sadly there was no way we were going to order dessert but Sasha (her name has now been mentioned 3 times) says the molten chocolate cake with salted caramel is the bomb, and that I missed out.  Sad face.             


  1. I'd like to sleep in that lemon pasta. It's amazing. Nice write up.

  2. Thank you for this post! I'm dying to get my pasta fix there :)


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