The Canadian Pie Company

Extremely new to Leslieville is The Canadian Pie Company.  3 days new to be exact, and what was just a random outing on Queen Street East, turned into an exciting discovery.  Exciting, especially because food experts are predicting pies will be huge in 2011 (see ya cupcakes...well, let's not go too far).    

Out of the dozens of pies, baked fresh daily (just down the street), we tried the lemon meringue and a slice of the strawberry rhubarb.  The rich lemon custard in the meringue pie worked really well because it wasn't as tart as some usually are.  The strawberry rhubarb was also a winner, but we felt it could have had more of the fruit filling.  They also offer other baked goods like croissants and meat pies, which I look forward to taste testing next time.  A mini Portuguese custard pie came free with a cup of coffee or tea.  It was the perfect size and snack if you wanted to have something small with your cup and it was so sweet and delicious.  Definitely try one.  

And although everything we ate was satisfying, the price point seemed a tad steep.  Over $7 for the lemon meringue and $9 for a tea and slice of strawberry rhubarb.  How much are you willing to pay for pie?         



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