The Drake

Friday brunch at The Drake Hotel, on the Beaconsfield street patio, with one of my favourite girls, on a gorgeous day - can't get any better. Brunch consisted of - the raspberry lemonade (if you like it tart then this one's for you), the breakfast burrito (with sausage), and a fresh vanilla glazed doughnut. They also had a plethora of other amazing looking baked goods inside.

Although some people have complained to me about the service at The Drake, I've always had a good experience and I mean come on, the food is worth it.

Later we checked out some art down the street at the MOCCA. Jen wouldn't pose in front of the baby holding a large gun.


  1. The coconut cream doughnut at the Drake is a big, bountiful, coconutty mass of {oh-so-good} calorificness. And I'd definitely eat it again. Didn't see the vanilla glazed doughnuts there the day I popped in... still gotta try one of those. They look like... ah, forget it.


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