Saving Grace

I'm usually not a fan of waiting a while for a table, especially for brunch. You're hungry and sometimes hungover, and want food right away. But this Sunday was different. It was a gorgeous day and I'd heard such great things about Saving Grace, I was good to chill for a while on Dundas. We got there at around 11am and there were groups of people waiting outside. I soon discovered to get a table, you have to write your own name on a list hanging up just inside the door. After about 30 minutes, me and two friends were seated along the bar overlooking the restaurant - a fun people watching vantage point. And right away after sitting down, you immediately feel at ease. The small casual space, the friendly relaxed servers, there's something about the place that's perfect to take in and enjoy on a weekend morning.

I thought the full menu was written out on the massive chalkboard mounted on the wall a la Hoof Cafe style, but those were just the specials. So many things to choose from including tons of delicious sounding eggs, muffins and fresh fruit juices. They had an incredible baked egg dish, that according to the patron sitting beside me, changes each week. I should have snapped a picture of it. We tried out some of the fruit juices - the apple raspberry was just the right amount tangy and sweet, and enjoyed a cornmeal monterey jack muffin while waiting for our mains. We all went for the sweet - the waffles, vegan pancakes and the banana caramel french toast. The french toast was cool because it was made with a bread not usually used for the dish. It was also super sweet because of the caramel and bananas and maple syrup. It was good but I sorta wish I had ordered one of the egg dishes. Next time! And hopefully that next time will be soon!

Saving Grace -
907 Dundas Street West


  1. THE VEGAN PANCAKES LOOK AWESOME. Still bummed I slept in.

  2. is this located just east of hoof cafe?
    i just finished reading this month's toronto life and was taking more notes on places i need to go eat and drink. and realized. i need to either win the lottery or marry rich in order to afford this expensive passion of mine. I guess I could add a 3rd option of: getting a job. But that's a last resort :)


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