What do you do when you're stranded in Halifax for 2 days? go for lobster, and that's just what I did. On my way to St. John's for the JUNOs, a few of us got stuck in Halifax because of the weather. 4 years ago when the award show was in Halifax, a co-worker Sasha and I went on a romantic date at a water side restaurant near our hotel, called Salty's. We both ordered pasta with lobster and it was the best thing we'd ever had. To this day I bring up Salty's to Sasha at least once every few months (in the last few weeks, way more. Sorry Sash!). So since I found myself in Halifax once again, I thought why not take the stranded crew to the place I loved so much. And right when I walked in, it was a bit different. First they didn't have the lobster pasta, and second the place was a tad dingier then I had remembered. Anyway even though the food wasn't the greatest, it was the people around the table that made it a great time. This blog post is dedicated to: Jen B, Jen C, Josh Hendo, Chris Wadsworth (aka Halliwood), Jully B (who just wanted some damn good yam fries) and Michael G (the vegetarian).


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