Life is Sweet

Life is definitely sweet at this cute little cupcake shop way out on Queen East. And on the hunt for Toronto's best cupcake, I've found myself a little closer. Unlike For The Love of Cake, the dozens of different flavours on display look delicious. One thing I do notice though, is on some of the cupcakes, the icing doesn't fully cover the top. I order a whole selection including - white chocolate, lemon, chocolate chip, coconut and caramel - but I'm most interested in seeing if they got down basic vanilla. They did! The cake part was cooked perfectly, moist and tasted fresh and the icing was sugary and rich. Again except for the fact some of the vanilla's needed more icing, well done. As for the other cupcakes - I enjoyed the coconut a lot, while the chocolate chip tasted more like an iced muffin you'd find anywhere. The white chocolate chip was a bit odd because white chocolate has such a distinct taste, it was weird to experience that in cupcake form. The prices are reasonable and if you're looking for a smaller treat, they sell baby cupcakes, very cute. If you're out by the beaches area, it's 100% worth a visit.


  1. i love this place! the lemon drop is my fave. the lemon flavour is very natural.
    it's a great place to get mini cupcakes for a party/event. they just need 24 hours notice for a larger order.

  2. You are going cupcake crazy mark! I like it.


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