Here are a few snaps from dinner at Harlem. They have two locations - one at Church and Richmond and another at Queen and Bathurst. The Church and Richmond location is small and cozy, and there seemed to be an upstairs where we heard live music coming from. Having just been written up in Toronto Life - I'd make a reservation just to be safe.

There were so many things we wanted to try but (surprisingly) we decided not to go overboard on the ordering. The corn bread wasn't anything special - it should have been brought out warmer. The ribs however were great - smokey, meaty and hot. The BBQ chicken was also delicious and really saucy. Right when my chicken came to the table, Earth Hour took effect and all the lights in the restaurant were turned off. Slight problem because even though there were candles, we still couldn't really see any of our food. Taking pictures of our dishes were how we got a good look at what we were eating! And because of this, I decided to go all medieval times and pick up the chicken with my hands. Messy yes, but sorta fun. I regret not trying out the mac and cheese and the quesadillas. If you've ordered them before, comment below!


  1. I have been meaning to check out Harlem for some time now. Specifically to try their corn bread, which is so hard to find done well in TO. Harlem's brunch & lunch menus also look good... Yam & Yukon Potato Hash... Jerk Chicken Quesadilla... mmm. Btw, what dishes would you recommend at Frank @ the AGO?

  2. The BBQ chicken looks mouthwatering... Yummmmy!


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