Momofuku Daisho

Momofuku Daisho (located on the third floor of the Momofuku Toronto complex) is known for its large format family style dinners which include bo ssam or pork shoulder ($240 for 6-10 people), beef short ribs ($220 for 4-6 people), beef ribeye ($600 for 6-8 people), salt and pepper lobster ($250 for 4-6 people) and beef brisket ($290 for 6-10 people).  Each dish comes with sides and sauces (bo ssam with lettuce to make wraps, beef brisket with buns and ribeye with yorkshire puddings).  Reservations for the large format dinners are required.

Many people also order off of the a la carte menu.  And it's always good to start with some buns. Yes, we just said that.  Momofuku's famous pork buns are only available downstairs at Noodle Bar but upstairs at Daisho you can try the falafel bun (with sesame, turnip, cucumber and yogurt) or the crab cake bun (with spicy mayo, bib lettuce and pickle onion).  Another must try are the roasted rice cakes.  At Noodle Bar they're served with red chili, onion and sesame and are insanely addictive.  At Daisho the rice cakes are all grown up paired with pork sausage, chinese broccoli and tofu.  Keep in mind the a la carte menu changes daily so you may not be able to order some of the specific dishes mentioned in this post.
If you're looking for the large format fried chicken dinner, that's now served at Noodle Bar ($125 for 4-6 people or $250 for 7-12 people).  It comes with two chickens - one southern style and one Korean style, scallion pancakes, ginger scallion sauce, jalapeno garlic sauce, pickled vegetables, shaved radishes, herbs and tabasco salt.

From now until December 29th Daisho will be open on Sunday evenings.

Oh and on November 24th Noodle Bar will welcome chef Graham Pratt of The Gabardine to host a special fried chicken dinner.  They'll be serving Momofuku's Korean fried chicken and The Gabardine's Southern fried chicken (with red fife biscuits, smoked maple syrup, green tomato, candied sweet potato and buttermilk poppy seed dressing) for $125 (now sold out).  You can still make reservations to order off an a la carte menu which includes dishes like chicken nuggets and Korean chicken wings.        

(Crab cake bun)
(Falafel bun) 
(Roasted rice cakes) 
(Grape jelly sorbet, peanut butter ice cream and toasted marshmallow) 
(Pear cake) 
(Southern style & Korean style fried chicken) 
(Scallion pancakes) 


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