Momofuku Noodle Bar Toronto

Toronto's had an exciting few weeks.  Soho House, the new Four Seasons Hotel with Cafe Boulud, J.Crew at the Eaton Centre, a full size Topman/Topshop downtown, and then of course there's Momofuku.  Chef David Chang opens his extremely popular New York noodle bar, plus two other restaurants - Daisho and Shoto, right next to the also new Shangri-La Hotel at University and Adelaide.  

To quickly break things down - the 22 seat Shoto is the fancier of the three restaurants, serving a 10 plus course tasting menu that costs $150 a head.   
Daisho also lives on the third floor and is all about family size portions.  This is where you can order Chang's famous fried chicken ($125 for four to six people) and also beef short ribs ($220 for four to six people). 
Noodle Bar, on the main level, features Momofuku's prized pork buns and ramen.  
And finally, Nikai is the bar on the second floor where you can sample the hipster and pricey cocktails while waiting for your table downstairs.  The small snack menu comes in handy, especially if there are a number of diners ahead of you.  

On Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend at 5:45pm there was still a 25 minute wait for a table at Noodle Bar.  Not a surprise.  After a round of drinks and an order of the freshly made chips with black garlic and creme fresh, we got a text that our table was ready.  Luckily for us, we snagged the last order of the lobster and lettuce buns - a special that day.  We also tried the melt in your mouth pork buns and the equally delicious roasted rice cakes with red chili, onions and sesame.  The Momofuku ramen with tender pork belly and shoulder, an egg and fish cake, and the chicken and egg bowl came out next.  The vegetarian at the table ordered the ginger scallion noodles with shiitake, cucumber and cabbage.  

Don't ask for dessert at Noodle Bar, because there isn't any.  Let's just hope the Momofuku Milk Bar plans are well underway.        


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