The Ultimate Food Guide to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv may be known for its gorgeous beaches, party scene, and scorching Middle Eastern temperatures, but it's the food and restaurant community that's helping shine a whole new light on the city.  If you're planning a trip to Tel Aviv, look no further, here are the places you need to eat.  

Their specialty is pita and you'll know why when you go.  Roasted cauliflower, baked potato, ratatouille with tahina, baked lamb, and steak and eggs, are just a few of the options on the menu.  Miznon was opened by Israeli celeb chef Eyal Shani.

21 Ibn Gvirol
Tel Aviv
03 7168977

Kitchen Market 
Located on the second floor inside the Tel Aviv port food building.

Hanger 12 - Tel Aviv Port 
05 79426881 

Manta Ray 
This very popular brunch spot is run by the same people as Yona, and is also right on the water with spectacular views. Ask for a table by a window. Also open for dinner. 

The Southern Tel Aviv Promenade 
972 3 517 4773 

Filled with hipsters and good looking chefs and wait staff. Oh and the very inventive food is quite good too. 

73 Rothschild Blvd 
Tel Aviv 
03 5257171 

Asian fusion cuisine comes to Israel and Zepra delivers ten fold. The restaurant itself is a piece of work and so are all the dishes, especially dessert. 

96 Yigal Alon 
Tel Aviv
03 6240044 

Yaffo-Tel Aviv 
Right next door to Zepra is a brand new restaurant called Yaffo-Tel Aviv.  It's from another Israeli celebrity chef named Haim Cohen. Be sure to try the focaccia bread from their amazing taboon oven.  

98 Yigal Alon Street 
Tel Aviv

 Dallal Bakery and Cafe 

This is one of our favourite spots in town. First of all, it's located in one of the coolest areas of Tel Aviv called Neve Tzedec, on one of the coolest streets - Shabazi. If you like street art, it's easy to spend hours wandering the area.  Inside the cafe, sample as many baked goods as you can, but be sure not to miss the chocolate rugalahs. The Dallal restaurant serves equally good food, and is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

10 Shabazi Street 
Tel Aviv 
03 5109292 

Dallal - Brunch 


Dallal - Dinner 

Herbert Samuel 
This restaurant is expensive, but there's something special about it, that everyone should experience at least once.  The tomato salad was mixed with fresh, grilled, plum, cherry, red, yellow, orange, hot, and cold, and cheese. Genius!    

6 Koifman Street 
Tel Aviv 
03 5166516 

The restaurant is inside a small boutique hotel. Good service, good food, and good dessert. 

36 Montefiore Street 
Tel Aviv
03 5646100 

It's considered one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Our most memorable part of the meal was the chocolate bomb dessert. 

4 Berkowitz Street 
Tel Aviv 
03 6935151 

The Dining Hall 
Another really popular restaurant from the same chef/owner of Shulchan.  Here he recaptures a kibbutz dining hall experience.  

23 Shaul Hamelech Blvd 
Tel Aviv
03 6966188 


House No. 3 
Inside this 140 year old Arab building in Jaffa is House No. 3.  The couple who run the restaurant are Hamoudi (the chef) and Leila (hostess), and have been doing it for 17 years.  After they are done with you, you'll never want to leave.  

Stick House
This one is pretty self explanatory and pretty cool. 

Dizengoff St between Gordon and Ben Gurion. 

Abu Ghosh 
The one hummus place you need to try. 

On Dizengoff Street, close to Bar Kochva Street. 

Rothschild 12 
This popular cafe serves delicious salads and sandwiches.  It's the perfect place to stop for a rest while exploring the cool neighbourhood. 

12 Rothschild Blvd 
Tel Aviv 
03 5106430 

Abulafia Bakery 
Grab one of their famous flat bagels while wandering around Jaffa. Ask them to heat it up. 

11 Yefet Street 

And be sure not to miss these places we've already posted about. 


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