The Gusto Brunch

For the full lowdown on Gusto 101 click here to read our post from a few weeks back. 
Below are some shots from a recent Saturday brunch.  Everything we tried (cornetto with whipped honey butter and house made preserves, blueberry pancakes with lemon curd and maple ricotta, frittata with sweet potatoes, spinach, goats cheese and roasted tomatoes, and eggs in purgatorio - spicy tomatoes, olives, and smoked provolone) was delicious. Same goes for the steak salad - even though the poached eggs were left off by accident.  They eventually came out towards the end of our meal from a very apologetic waitress.  As for the reservation situation, we were able to secure a table at noon, but that's the only seating they do it for.    
And with the arrival of warmer weather, the Gusto patio is open for business and is sure to be a prime people watchers paradise.    


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